Best Microphones For YouTube Videos and guide


Choosing what the best mouthpiece for YouTube is will to a great extent rely upon the sort of style of recordings you are doing. As a rule, you will need in excess of one amplifier so you that you can utilize the one that accommodates your circumstance best.

best cheap microphone for youtube

On the off chance that you are doing screen chronicles or voiceovers after you record, a USB or XLR studio mic would work best. Lavalier amplifiers are extraordinary in a great deal of circumstances where you would prefer not to need to stress over how near the mic you are – simply cut them on and begin recording. Shotgun mics are amazing for run-and-firearm style recordings, vlogging, and sit-down meeting style shots.

Since there are a wide range of sorts of recordings, and diverse amplifiers that function admirably to record them, we’ve featured our most loved YouTube mics by class so you can without much of a stretch find what will work best.

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Best Studio Mics For YouTube

USB Microphones

XLR Microphones

Best Lavalier Mics For YouTube

Rode SmartLav+

Rode RodeLink Filmmaker Kit

Sound Technica ATR3350iS

Best Shotgun Mics For YouTube

Rode VideoMic Pro+

Shure VP83F

Best Small Diaphragm Condenser Mics For YouTube

Sound Technica AT4053B

Oktava MK-012

Which Microphones Do YouTubers Use?

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Best Studio Mics For YouTube

We have isolate articles (USB and XLR) devoted to studio mics intended for voice recording (ideal for voiceovers). I firmly suggest getting a work area mounted blast arm to match with any of these mics.

The following are a couple of our best picks:

USB Microphones

USB receivers are unquestionably the least demanding to set up and utilize, yet you are constrained in your capacity to effortlessly overhaul and extend your sound quality after some time.


Rode NT-USB receiver

The Rode NT-USB is a studio cardioid condenser receiver with a USB association for simple attachment n-play utilize. The included tripod functions admirably to keep clamor levels down, however it can simply be enhanced by utilizing an outer stun mount.

Sound quality is great and effectively a standout amongst other YouTube mics under $200. There is an earphone jack with volume control and additionally a blend control dial so you can mix PC sound with your voice. It is missing locally available pickup control, so you’ll need to set the info volume on your PC.

Blue Yeti

blue sasquatch in 5 unique hues

It’s nothing unexpected that the Blue Yeti is a most loved among YouTubers. It offers awesome sound quality and a huge amount of highlights at the cost.

There are 3 condenser mic containers, enabling you to look over 4 changed pickup designs. The vast majority will presumably simply require the cardioid design for voiceovers, however being able to transform it into a gathering or meeting mic makes it more than worth its cost (and the Yeti is every now and again marked down under $100 amid occasion deals).

It likewise incorporates a quiet catch (extremely valuable!), pick up control, earphone jack (with volume dial), and a better than average stand.

You’ll see they offer the Yeti in a group of various hues as well.

Blue Snowball

Blue Snowball – White

The Blue Snowball is the younger sibling of the Yeti and is a marvelous USB YouTube mic. There are really two unique models: Blue Snowball and Blue Snowball Ice.

The first (Blue Snowball) has 2 mic cases, permitting omnidirectional (all headings) and cardioid (ideal for voice recording) pickup designs, a movable stature stand, and a somewhat better form quality.

The Snowball Ice has a solitary cardioid container and no tallness changes.

XLR Microphones

When you’re prepared to truly enhance your YouTube sound quality, you’ll need to get a XLR amplifier. That implies you’ll likewise require a USB sound interface to associate it to your PC (our top pick: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2). You can simply include amplifier preamps and other gear down the line also.

Sound Technica AT2035

Sound Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone

I cherish that the Audio-Technica AT2035 accompanies a stud mount. You’ll require a blast arm to mount it, however your sound quality will be extraordinarily enhanced and you won’t need to buy the mount independently. The mic likewise has a 80Hz high-pass channel that will help take out extremely low seems like PC fans, warmers, and other encompassing clamor.

This is a condenser amplifier, which implies you’ll have to give it ghost control, however you shouldn’t require a ton of pick up.

Rode Procaster

Rode Procaster with box and adornments

The Rode Procaster certainly punches over its value point. It has an inward pop channel to decrease p-pops and an inner stun mount to lessen vibrations and dealing with commotion. You can likewise get the Rode PSM1 stun mount to additionally disengage the mic. I very suggest the stun mount as the included mount is to some degree feeble and made of plastic, in addition to it will be considerably less demanding to change the Procaster into the correct position.

It’s an end-address dynamic cardioid mic that needs a tolerable measure of pick up. The most effortless approach to give it an additional lift is to utilize the Cloudlifter CL-1 or a different pre-amp like the DBX286s, yet I utilize it straight into a Zoom H5 with the increase set to around 6 with no issues.

Shure SM7B

shure sm7b

In the event that you need outstanding amongst other powerful studio mics for your YouTube recordings, the Shure SM7B is stunning. You won’t require a different stun mount or pop channel, influencing its incentive to go up a bit. You additionally get a thicker removable windscreen should you require it.

All things considered, you’ll unquestionably need a Cloudlifter for this mic as it needs a group of pick up.

Best Lavalier Mics For YouTube

Lavalier mics are extraordinary in light of the fact that they are little and simple to move with. They won’t impede your video and just clasp or adhere to your shirt.

You’ll have to focus on the sort of connector they use as some are intended for cell phones (TRRS jack) and some for DSLRs and versatile recorders (utilizing either TRS or XLR associations). You can simply get connectors, yet I simply needed you to know that the associations shift.

Don’t hesitate to investigate our full rundown of suggested lav mics too.

Rode SmartLav+

Rode smartLav+ Lavalier receiver

In the event that you need something you can simply connect to your telephone to get astounding sound, the Rode SmartLav+ is a prevalent decision. It utilizes a TRRS association (that is the thing that your telephone utilizes) however you can simply get the Rode SC3 connector in the event that you need to utilize it with a recorder or camera.

This is an incredible decision on the off chance that you would prefer not to spend a few hundred dollars on an expert level lavalier mic.

Rode RodeLink Filmmaker Kit

Rode RodeLink FM Wireless Filmmaker System

The Roderick Filmmaker Kit is a remote lavalier unit that is intended to be associated with a DSLR camera or advanced recorder. You get an excellent lav mic that interfaces with a computerized transmitter and an advanced collector. The remote association works from exceptionally far away except if you’re in a swarmed occasion like a public expo with huge amounts of different remote gadgets adjacent.

Sound Technica ATR3350iS

Sound Technica ATR3350iS Lavalier Mic

On a financial plan? The Audio-Technica ATR3350iS is an incredible arrangement. It has a long (almost 20′) link and accompanies a connector so you can utilize it with a cell phone or a camera. I have utilized this mic in genuinely boisterous conditions and it scarcely grabbed foundation sounds. Exceptionally suggested for those that need a less expensive alternative.

Best Shotgun Mics For YouTube

A shotgun mic for YouTube will in a perfect world join to the shoe on your camera and give you the adaptability to likewise use off-camera should you need to utilize it for interviews or other comparable errands.

We have a nitty-gritty post featuring the best on-camera shotgun mics in the event that you need to see more suggestions at various value focuses.

Rode VideoMic Pro+

Rode Videomic Pro+

The Rode VideoMic Pro+ just turned out in August of 2017. It enhanced the VideoMic Pro (no in addition to) with a huge amount of new and helpful highlights.

A portion of my top choices are auto control on/off, removable link, security channel, and battery-powered lithium battery.

It’s not shabby, but rather this is an amazing little shotgun mic.

Rode has an entire line of VideoMic’s should this one be somewhat distant as well.

Shure VP83F

Shure VP83F LensHopper

What’s cool about the Shure VP83F is that it incorporates a MicroSD card opening so you can utilize this mic without a camera if necessary. It likewise has to a great degree fine pick up control so you can alter the pickup volume rapidly relying upon your circumstance.

Best Small Diaphragm Condenser Mics For YouTube

Shotgun mics have a tendency to experience difficulty inside if there is a considerable measure of Reverberate. In case you’re routinely recording in a domain like this, you’ll need to consider getting a little stomach condenser mic with either a hypercardioid or supercardioid pickup design.

Sound Technica AT4053B

Sound Technica AT4053B Hypercardioid Condenser Microphone

The Audio-Technica AT4053B is a hypercardioid blast mic that is exceedingly prescribed for indoor exchange (voice). The mic container is compatible, so in the event that you require an alternate pickup design, you can essentially swap the heads.

Oktava MK-012

Oktava MK-012 little stomach condenser mic with cardioid, omnidirectional and hypercardioid containers

A more affordable choice is the Oktava MK-012. This is likewise a measured mic that accompanies hypercardioid, cardioid, and omnidirectional cases – across the board unit! This is the thing that I would begin with.

Be watchful when you’re looking on the grounds that the MK-012 model name applies to a few distinct cases. At any rate, you’ll need the hypercardioid form.


The vast size of these mics and their requirement for suspension makes them inadmissible for such applications as miking drum units, where space is tight, however, they are brilliant for recording voices and a wide assortment of instruments. That is the reason they frequently fill in as a chronicle studio’s generally useful receivers.

As you may have speculated, the best mics in this class can be extremely costly; nonetheless, various moderate models have turned out to be accessible as of late. These cost-cognizant models copy the plan of the more costly mics, and they work great for nonprofessional chronicle.

AKG C314 Professional Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone

The AKG C314 Professional Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone has propelled highlights that assistance specialists adjust their mark sound including four selectable polar examples, the most minimal self-clamor in its class, and an over-burden identification LED.

Related: AKG takes us through their storied receiver history.

Side-Address Condenser Microphones

Another sort of extensive condenser mic, side-address amplifiers more often than not have a wide, level windscreen over a substantial stomach. These are situated on a level plane and pointed toward the side at a 90-degree edge. In this way, if the mic is vertical, a vocalist is by all accounts tending to it from the side, henceforth its name.

Double Diaphragm Condensers

Generally, double stomach mics are arranged the same as side-address mics. In any case, they have two stomachs pointed in inverse ways.

Normally, double stomach mics are powerful to record two-part harmonies or bigger gatherings, and they can be incredible for grabbing room mood. A double stomach condenser mic makes it simpler to adjust two synchronous sound sources rather than utilizing two single-stomach mics.

Tube Condenser Microphones

The vintage models you connect with old-fashioned chronicle and communicate studios are tube condenser amplifiers. Since they grant a glow and an adjusted sound to the recorded material—much like a tube guitar amp hues the instrument’s sound in satisfying ways—regardless they are made and utilized in proficient studios right up ’til today.

These mics require a devoted power supply, fueled blender, or a mic preamp that gives the right voltage.

XML 9000 condenser mic with shock mount

A 12AT7 tube circuit in the XML 9000 condenser mic results in warm-yet-straightforward sound. An incredible esteem, it incorporates a power supply and shock mount.

Little Diaphragm Condenser Microphones

With a stomach a half-inch or less in distance across, little stomach receivers are utilized in many account applications and periodically in live settings.

These mics do particularly well at imitating higher-recurrence sounds and sound sources that change rapidly in volume or have a sudden assault. One normal application is overhead miking of cymbals. Like different condensers, they rely upon apparition control or a battery to work.

USB Microphones

The colossal fame of PC based account has reformed the manner in which music is recorded. With regards to directing your music through the soundcard of a PC, there are numerous conceivable outcomes accessible today, running from complex computerized sound workstations (DAWs) and advanced blending sheets to less difficult interfaces offering associations for a solitary mic and/or instrument. Least complex of all is USB-fueled mics that offer attachment ‘n’ play accommodation. These financial plan well-disposed amplifiers are an extraordinary decision for somebody who needs fast, helpful arrangements. Thus, regardless of whether you’re simply plunging your toes in the chronicle waters, or you’re a growing podcaster who needs a straightforward arrangement, USB mouthpieces are an incredible decision.

Sound Technica AT2020USB Condenser Microphone

In light of Audio Technica’s exceptionally evaluated AT2020 standard condenser show, the AT2020USB+ offers advantageous attachment and-play USB availability joined with a studio-commendable stable catch.

There’s a sound determination of USB-good amplifiers to browse nowadays. They incorporate both condenser and dynamic mic composes arranged for particular applications, for example, vocal and instrument miking. Many works consistently with iOS and Android applications that transform your cell phone or tablet into an exceedingly versatile account studio.

Considering beginning a digital recording and don’t know what equipment you require? Take in more with our Podcast Audio Gear Buying Guide.

Shotgun Microphones

Having an exceptionally tight and expanded polar example, shotgun amplifiers are regularly utilized for communicates, for example, brandishing occasions since they exceed expectations at getting particular sound sources from a separation.

Limit Microphones

These mics are normally are set on a level surface, for example, a story, table, roof, or divider which help accumulate the sound. Limit mics are very adaptable and are frequently utilized on the platform, at gatherings, in meeting rooms, and in the studio. They are valuable for different sound-support applications that require the scope of an expansive territory.

Move off and Bass Attenuation Switches

These controls are found on numerous condenser amplifiers and improve their flexibility. The move off switch changes the recurrence run, more often than not on the low end, diminishing reaction or cutting it off underneath a specific level. The move off switch is utilized in live stable circumstances to diminish low-end roll. Moving off the bass keeps the PA control amp from dealing with frequencies underneath its ability. In the recording, moving off the bass can include clearness. Lessening switches change a mic’s affectability or volume, cushioning it so a high volume source doesn’t over-burden the mic, causing twisting.

Receiver Packages

Furnishing your home studio with a flexible choice of mics and mic mounts can be a costly recommendation. So can outfitting your band with an accumulation of stage-commendable mics and mic stands. At Musician’s Friend, we offer a wide range of mic bundles that incorporate various mics, stands, mounts, links and other mic adornments. These bundles contain precisely coordinated parts and offer noteworthy funds contrasted with purchasing those segments independently.

Receiver Accessories

There are various mic adornments intended to advance your receiver’s execution. Some of them, including mic stands, links, and mounts, are basically basic. Different things, for example, pop channels, windscreens, shock mounts, and separation screens may likewise be basic, contingent upon how and where you are utilizing your mic. Regardless of whether you’re searching for mic new parts, for example, another grille for that battered SM58, or an amount that’ll put your mic definitely where you need it, you’ll see it at Musician’s Friend.

Closing down: Some Final Comments

A standout amongst the most accommodating things you can do in choosing a mic is great, out-dated research. Get some information about the mics they utilize, read surveys by ace sound masters too client composed audits on our site.

Another procedure to consider is staying with the setup, enormous name organizations that make proficient mics. A considerable lot of them have brought down estimated models that convey shockingly great sound. You can spend as meager as $40 to $50 and get a not too bad unique stage mic.

For recording mics, the more you go through specifically corresponds with the nature of your accounts, so it is best to evade the most minimal evaluated models. Beginning at around $100, you can discover condenser recording mics that serve pleasantly in home account studios.

Obviously, it’s sheltered to expect that the more you spend, the better the mic you’ll get. However, be reasonable. Work with your financial plan, and guarantee your decision is suitable for what you need to accomplish. A mic’s general quality should coordinate the sound nature of whatever remains of your flag chain.

For a DJ who needs to converse with his crowd every so often amid a show, a low-estimated mic can be flawlessly satisfactory. On the off chance that you require a vocal mic for your carport band, a reasonable mic will improve the situation that application, as well.

We need you to be satisfied with your receiver buy, and we offer a liberal merchandise exchange so you can arrange with certainty. In the wake of perusing this guide, in case you’re as yet not certain what mic is ideal for you, we welcome your call to one of our cordial and educated Gear Heads at (877) 880-5907.

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